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Tamra Saylor Fine has enjoyed a varied career as performer, administrator and educator. She has appeared on recordings in an unusual mix of keyboard instruments - from organ in the first recording of Rozsa's complete score for El Cid, to theremin for a recording of Rozsa's The Lost Weekend, to honky tonk piano in a disc of Victor Young and as orchestral pianist in recordings from Korea and New Zealand. A founder of the San Diego Chamber Orchestra, she managed the ensemble for its first eight years during which four concert series were established and six CDs were released. She served as a group chairman on the Policy Committee of the American Symphony Orchestra League and led seminars at their national conferences. Prior to her work with the SDCO, Tammy taught choral and orchestral music in public schools and performed as violist in a local orchestra.

Together, Tammy and Michael established Fine Sound Productions in 1993, an independent recording and consulting company. While Michael is the genius in the headphones, Tammy handles contracts, logistics and administration of the recording projects, attending to the thousands of details that ensure everything is in place for a successful and stress-free recording.

Additionally, Tammy works with Michael at the recording sessions, creating a log of information of every "take" that becomes his resource for a more efficient editing process.

Michael and Tammy Fine recording the Vienna Philharmonic
at the ORF Sender, Vienna.